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Vine’s Wholesale plans are focused on growth and innovation. The company is constantly exploring new ways to engage with local business. This includes partnerships with other businesses and organisations, as well as developing new technology and features for its network.

Vine Networks is a wholesale carrier of high-speed optical fiber internet services. We provide a range of services to our customers, including dark fiber, Ethernet, and wavelengths. Our network is built on the latest fiber optic technology, allowing us to offer reliable and high-speed internet connections to businesses, government organizations, and other carriers.

Our dark fiber services allow customers to lease unused optical fibers, providing them with complete control over their network infrastructure. With Ethernet services, we provide fast and reliable connections for businesses, allowing them to easily connect their locations and devices to the internet. We also offer wavelength services, which are dedicated, high-speed optical connections that can be used to connect data centers, offices, and other locations.

Speeds to make your
greatest impact.

We provide customers with a level of certainty around our offering that can be tailored to meet their specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are met.

In short, Vine Networks is a wholesale optical fiber internet carrier that provides high-speed and reliable internet connection, Dark Fiber, Ethernet and Wavelength services to businesses, government organizations and other carriers, with the capability to tailor it to the needs of the customer, with an experienced team dedicated to customer service and support.

VINE Wholesale & RSP Partners

Vine Networks is working towards building a bigger Wholesale & RSP community, below are just some of our Wholesale & Retail Service Providers (RSP’s) who offer services across our network. We operate an Open Wholesale Access Network and offer various forms of wholesale access to our network.


If your questions is not answered below, please contact us via our contact page or phone number.

Vine Networks offers CSP two methods of charges.

  1. An all-inclusive Layer-3 service, terminated at the ONU*
  2. An AVC Charge, where by Vine Networks will activate the ONU and charge you a monthly fee as an Access Virtual Circuit**
  3. Non-Network Related Faults
    – $70 EX GST for the first 30 minutes
    – $50 EX GST for every 30 minute block thereafter
  4. Network Related Faults
    – No Charges applied unless proven to have been caused by the end user
  5. Service Call-outs
    – Router replacements $90 EX GST
    – ONU Replacements $90 EX GST ***

* All-inclusive service means the speed tier chosen and the unlimited data associated with the service

** AVC services are subject to approval, and requires an NNI at the nearest POI

*** This is subject to manufacturing fault, if the failure is caused by the end user then there is a replacement charge for the ONU or the router

Well firstly you would need to sign an NDA and register your intent to become an CSP/Wholesale Customer of Vine. We may elect to provide you the pricing directly after receiving a signed/executed NDA and we validate you are a Bonafede CSP (This is to protect our existing wholesale customers) 

Secondly Vine will assess and validate your business as being acceptable to receive wholesale services (This is to protect all wholesale customers of Vine)

Lastly you are allocated an AM to manage your account.

Vine Networks will typically have an ONU pre-installed at a new development, ready for activations, however during the construction phase the optical cable may become damaged due to conduit breakage or external contractor works.

Vine will endeavor to have the ONU/Services restored within 30 days of settlement on a property, subject to no civil or rehauling works being required and accessibility to site. 

For Commercial Service Restoration (SMB/SME) Vine offers a full-Service Schedule and SLA agreement, and is subject to an MSA being signed.  Typical restoration times for business grade services is <4 hours, unless it is a major breakage, then it defaults to the SLA agreement in the service schedule for rebates


For Residential services, Vine Networks will typically acknowledge a fault within 4 ours of receipt of the notification, service restoration works will be based on staff availability or contractor availability and whether the site will require a site visit or not. However residential services typically are best efforts unless agreed upon otherwise or if a premium support package is purchased.

Vine is working to automate this process via API calls, this is currently on the roadmap in our priority list. For now, please speak with your wholesale account manager or lodge a support ticket to have the service upgraded,

  • For on-net service where an ONU is already in place, activated and or provisioned, then a technician is not required and the FTTP services will be activated remotely

  • For Near-Net services, then yes a technical field crew is required, and is subject to the default process of a LAAN and permitting requirements

  • For Off-Net service, yes a full crew is required for the street works and inbuilding works, and is also subject to the default process of a LAAN and permitting requirements


To obtain carriage services at a wholesale level from Vine Wholesale Pty Ltd, then you must sign an MSA (Master Services Agreement) and any subsequent service schedules and you may also be subjected to a credit check.

First, we ask that you do the basic diagnostic works with your customer… E.G Check if the lights are on the ONU and all are displaying white, ensure that power is turned on to all the devices, and check our status page if there are any known faults or service interruptions in that area

Alternatively, you can contact our wholesale support team on (07) 5405 2500 for assistance, between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday or send us an email to support@vinenetworks.com.au

Presently Vine Networks has an ISP agreement with Amazon Eero, however this does not extend to supply them on a wholesale basis, however we are working with the Eero team in Australia to resolve this.

Outside of that you are able to provide your own routers for customers, so long as it has a WAN port and supports our speeds supplied, which are symmetrical in nature, we do not provide an A-Symetrics network delivery service.

Then you are good to go.

From time-to-time Vine Networks may impose a Co-Development charge for new connections.

Co-Development Charge: $299 INC GST

However Vine may from time to time not charge or pass on this charge to its CSP/Wholesale customers

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