Faster & Affordable Fibre Internet

Our High-Speed Fibre network can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps. No nightly limits, no contention, no disclaimers. Sign up today or watch our video if you don’t feel like reading.

Faster Speeds

With up to 10 times the speed of NBN, our fibre network is extremely fast. Say goodbye to the 6 o'clock slowdown.

Better Plans

Our plans are tailored for the real-world. All include symmetrical line speed, no data usage limits or hidden fees.

Reliable Services

Unlike other RSPs, we own and fully manage our fibre network. Meaning full accountability, support and service from us to you.


Our Plans

Our range of service plans are tailored to meet the demands of today with capacity well into the future. All plans feature simultaneous download/upload speeds, no lock-in contract or data limit.  



/ month

Vine 25/25Mbps
Dinner for One
The most basic starter service we offer which is ideal for a single user or device, still better than NBN though.


/ month

Vine 50/50Mbps
Hopeless at Sharing
Twice the speed without the arguments, comfortably caters for 2 users without breaking a sweat.


/ month

Vine 100/100Mbps
new normal plan
The New Normal
The Family pack with a side of Streaming. The benchmark for 6+ users or multiple devices with no lag.


/ month

Vine 200/200Mbps
vine networks data dominator plan
Data Dominator
Leave nothing to chance, stream, surf or socialise across 8+ devices, nothing can slow you down.

Our Network in Numbers

We are investing in the latest Fibre Technology and our network growing rapidly to meet the demands of now and the future.

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Sunshine Coast coverage
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Still Got Questions?

We love getting questions as it gives us the chance to sort the facts from the fiction. Have a question not on the list? detail in the form below and we will get right on it.

If our services are already available in your building, you can be connected in as little as 15 minutes. If our team cannot activate your service straight away, we may arrange an appointment for one of our friendly tech guys to pop by typically within 1-2 working days.

If you’re not under contract with your current provider you can easily switch over to Vine Networks. We will get you up and running fast and advise you when your service will activate. All that's left then is to call your old internet provider and give them the bad news.

As we want to ensure that you get the best internet speed available, Vine will supply you with the latest wireless router available. 

All our plans feature no lock-in contracts meaning you can change your connection speed as you wish. The service will activate from the next billing cycle. Not sure what speed you need? Drop us a line and we will work out the solution that best suits your needs.

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