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Future Proof Solutions

Dedicated services for any building

Whether your looking to generate positive reviews from guests, achieve higher tenancy or increase market appeal, Vine offer exceptional fibre networks solutions that can give your building the edge.

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Unrivalled Speed

Our network can
deliver 1Gbps.

Our privately owned fibre network is capable of delivering symmetrical line speeds of up to 1Gbps. As we fully manage and maintain our own network we can guarantee exceptional speeds delivered direct to your apartment complex.


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Pre-Terminated Handover

Easy and Flexible Connection

Our GPON fibre network is terminated through professional grade ONU hardware, providing an ethernet port for handoff to customer on-premise equipment (CPE). Our team ensure each install is seamless, unobtrusive and complements the apartments living environment and aesthetic.


Increase The Value Of Your Building

As Australia’s internet usage grows, now more than ever its important to ensure your building is ready to meet demand now and into the future. Buyers and Residents alike consider internet as an essential service, how does your internet solution stack up?

What we do

High Speed Fibre for Buildings
Old and New

We pride ourselves on delivering technical innovation whilst reducing cost throughout the entire project.

Our upgrade process is tailored to each site and streamlined to maximise value and minimize delay.

Whilst each project is different, we engage with you using a process that guarantees expediency and success.

Meet with Us

Vine meets with the Committee Representative to tailor a solution for your building to meet your specific requirements.

Work with Us

Vine will create the draft proposal and meet the Committee Representative to ensure all requirements are met and all inclusions have been covered. Once the Committee Representative is happy with the proposal the finalized version is then submitted to the Body Corporate manager. This is then forwarded onto all Committee Members.

Announce Us

The Committee approves and all documents are checked by the Body Corp Solicitor. The Committee will communicate with the owners the proposal to garner support for the project.

Vote for Us

An EGM/AGM is called and voting papers and the motions for the project are sent to the owners. The sought after Motion of installing High Speed Fibre Broadband Vine becomes approved at the EGM/AGM if 50% agree.

Approve Us

Contracts are signed and we receive the official go ahead to upgrade your building complex.


Our most common questions.

Our team will typically survey your complex and devise a detailed plan of action. We will then work with strata and management towards an equitable install timeline and cost.

We typically are able to complete a project within 2-4 weeks, depending on size,  from contract approval.

If you’re not under contract with your current provider you can easily switch over to Vine Networks. We will get you up and running fast and advise you when your service will activate. As we deploy our own fibre optic cabling, there is no impact to incumbent services.

We will provide a detailed list of hardware as part of the project scope. We always look for opportunities to repurpose and reconfigure existing hardware to minimise costs.

We can easily facilitate both bulk data services for letting pool and internet services for each apartment/resident. The occupant will have the opportunity to 'opt-in' to any plan they wish at a time of their choosing. View our Plans

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