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What can fibre do for your building?

  • Provide faster internet than NBN & Fixed-Wireless.
  • Provide better connectivity with greater reliability and performance.
  • Reduce costs when upgrading existing systems at end of life such as intercom, gate access, CCTV, free to air TV & more.
  • Keep up with technology trends as our data requirements grow.
  • Add value to your building and enhance marketing opportunities becoming one of the fastest buildings in QLD.
  • Reduce the internet costs for your residents with bulk internet services available.
Fast affordable reliable internet

Connectivity is the new utility

Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) is a relatively new in the Australian market but global trends indicate FTTP adds value to MDU’s, global trends are as follows:

During the FTTH Connect 2016 conference, the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas released a study finding fibre broadband increases rental and property values in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) by 8 percent and 2.8 percent respectively. Higher rental and sales values mean better bottom lines for MDU owners and operators. Using base financial data from the National Apartment Association, the study estimates fibre can add 11 percent to net income from MDU owners and operators per average apartment unit. 

Additional findings from the survey include:

Fast and reliable broadband is now rated the single most important amenity from MDU residents, more important than a pool, 24-hour security monitoring, covered parking, gym access and even cable TV. Fibre access increases resident satisfaction with the property itself, and appears to reduce churn, helping building owners and operators maintain higher levels of occupancy and provide a quality living environment. There is evidence that residents in MDUs with better broadband also spread the word, reducing customer acquisition costs for these MDU properties.

High speed fibre internet

Smart Building Technology

A Smart Building adopts modern technology to enhance the lives of those that inhabit or use the building

  • Free to Air TV over Fibre
  • CCTV & Security Cameras
  • Lift Communications
  • Number Plate Recognitions
  • Public & Guest Wi-Fi
  • Letting Pool Internet
  • Voice & PABX Systems
  • Intercoms
  • Permanent/Rental Internet Services
  • Gate Access

We are experts in
building technology

Future proof solutions - Modernise your older building now.

  • Copper cabling in both the street and within old buildings is degrading with age. Resulting in poor performance and reduced reliability. We only use fibre to the building.
  • Do you want to stream Netflix in Ultra High Definition, want to use your 4K & 8K TV or have guests that want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience? Fibre is the only answer.
  • Want to ensure uncongested night-time use, unlimited data and guaranteed speeds. Fibre is the key.
  • We specialise in modernising older buildings with future proof technology. Fibre is our future.
Fast affordable reliable internet

Body Corporate Experts

We have worked alongside Body Corporates for many years and are experts in navigating BC regulations.

We have a range of solutions to help get the support you need with your committee. Fast WIFI is good for everyone not just onsite managers and guests.

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